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Guiding Principles

General Accepted Guiding Principles


Adopted by GreenMicrofinance

Developed by the participants at the Microenterprise and Environment Conference

Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, July 2004

The environment is a sacred trust. The earth and all its life are interconnected and sacred.

Addressing the human spirit is essential. Environmental and human integrity are inextricably linked. Improving inner human quality results in improving the environment.

All microenterprises impact the environment. Do no harm. Eliminate or mitigate negative impacts. Seek positive impacts.

Protecting the environment is an opportunity. Environmental protection makes good economic sense.

Creating financially cost-effective solutions is vital.

Each person is responsible. Responsibility means personal ownership and action.

Agencies should work with local, national and international governmental agencies to promote sound environmental practices and policies. Agencies should help people understand why the environment is important to their lives. Donors and agencies should model good environmental behavior.

Benefits and costs are both short and long term. True costs include environmental costs. Agencies should identify, account for and mitigate environmental costs. Environmental benefits created should be recognized. Costs of creating environmental benefits should not be borne solely by MFIs or clients.

Creating partnerships is crucial. Partnership with stakeholders is the key to appropriate environmental protection in development.

Participation in project planning and decisions is for everyone. Participation must be inclusive, equal and fair.

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