Princeton Students Display a Wide Knowledge Base - Soon to be Shared in our University Forum


Students at college entered last fall with the Bush administration in place resisting any climate change policy and a flush financial system.  Now just one semester later there is a new president, new policies and green stimuli afoot, and a financial system in tatters.  Fortunately, as one student described, they're in a bubble and somewhat insulated from trauma. 

However, tonight's group of Princeton students is surely not ivory tower elitists.  They are applying their prodigious brain power to some of the world's really big challenges and learning together through the Princeton Microfinance Organization. The span of subject they're studying emphasizes to me just how many disciplines are soon-to-launch University Forum will encompass.  Hearing all the fields represented at today's program was very impressive: financial modeling (Princeton actually has a Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering - which will likely be doing some Re-Engineering), a chemist working on solar energy, an electrical engineering major focusing on design that requires people to be more efficient, a student focusing on environmental justice, a graduate student in Development.  These all link to aspects of GreenMicrofinance.The once exception was the astrophysics major - but she is entitled to have interests outside her major!

Probably the most surprising, and informative for all of us, was a student doing a project on biochar; she elegantly explained this carbon sequestering soil improvement medium to us all!

Stay tuned.  You'll be hearing more interesting things from this group, I am sure.  You can see us up above, not actually IN Africa, but at the Woodrow Wilson School.

 PS - great planning work, TIng-Fung!