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file icon Solar Household Energy (SHE)hot! 01/11/2008 Hits: 1705
Currently, more than half of the world
file icon SMALL WIND TURBINES hot! 12/11/2007 Hits: 1516
Why small wind turbines? All the technology related to the production of primary needs must be tiny and cheap enough to be afforded by common masses and simple enough to be understood by common masses.
Visit The Coffee House (http://environmentdebate.wordpress.com/) which encourages debate on the environment and possible solutions.
file icon Poverty Energy Societyhot! 12/23/2007 Hits: 1319
Energy is a basic necessity for human activity and economic and social development. Yet global strategies for how to meet this basic need for the world's rapidly growing population are sorely lacking. Lack of energy services is directly correlated with key elements of poverty, including low education levels, restriction of opportunity to subsistence activity, and conflict.
Harard University - Brendan McKee, Yvonne Winchell, Gerald Oriol Jr, Mieko Ozeki, Pamela Rucker, Cynthia Hajjar, Alexis Vanderhye, and Hye Jin Kim The intent of this memorandum is to provide an overview and an analysis of the moral dilemmas raised by increased biofuels production, including climate change, ecological degradation, poverty, and food security; and argue from an ethical perspective for the development of biofuels on a limited scale, until solutions are conceived to control the potential adverse effects of this source of energy.
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