Rural Solutions

Rural electrification using solar photovoltaic (PV) has substantial benefits, including reducing costs and improving efficiency. Read more


Biodiesel Fuel Production Jatropha Curcas - the plant is cultivated extensively for PPO (pure vegetable oil) as feedstock. Read more

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1   Link   Ethical Markets Media
Ethical MarketsĀ© is a TV breakthrough, departing from the traditional formats of the financial media, based on the obsolete economic models of the past century?while conserving the core values that allow markets to succeed and economies flourish: TRU
2   Link   Small Enterprise Development Journal (SED) Issue on Urban Services
3   Link   Environmental Colors of Microfinance
Microfinance and Environmental Management by Abhishek Lal (research contributions by Betty Meyer - aka Elizabeth Israel)
4   Link   Energy, Environment, and Sustainable Development
While objectives relating to energy, environment and sustainable development are reflected in criteria for selection throughout the Framework Programme, the Specific Programme on Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development (EESD) focuses directly
5   Link   Greenleaf Publishing
A publishing house focusing on books that promote environmentally sustainable economic and business models.
6   Link   Poverty-Environment Interactions in Agriculture: Key Factors and Policy Implications
by Sarah J. Scherr

7   Link   The Journal of Microfinance
Environmental Protection and Microenterprise Development in the Developing World: A Model Based on the Latin American Experience by Mark D. Wenner, Norman Wright, and Abhishek Lal
8   Link   Global Development Research Center
An Overview of Microfinance and Environmental Management
By Abhishek Lal (research contributions by Betty Meyer - aka Elizabeth Israel)